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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Provide across 3 VLANs, Layer 3 connectivity using a router with 3 LAN interfaces (CNA-03-006)

CCNA Exploration 4.0, Semester 3, "Provide across 3 VLANs, Layer 3 connectivity using a router with 3 LAN interfaces" Packet Tracer 5.0 practice file (CNA-03-006).


Previous practices we are separating PCs into different VLANs. In this practice we are going to connect them together instead using Layer 3 router!

Because only 3 VLANs, we only have to prepare a router with 3 LAN interfaces.

It wont' be difficult for you if you have get through Semester 2 well. You only have to make sure each switch ports the router's interfaces connecting to is in the same VLAN as those PCs they service. Of course, the 3 inter-switch link should also be enabled as "Trunk Link".

You can use this practice as a review of Semester 2's knowledge!
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  1. i'm new for packet tracer..

    why the port for s1 fa0/2 doesn't not light up?

  2. Thanks for your feedback! You saw Orange lamp, isn't it?

    Packet Tracer marks Orange to indicate Non-Forwarding states of an interface.

    Packet Tracer marks Red to indicate Down state of an interface. Yes, too bad, "Red" looks so close to "Orange".

    "Fa0/2" of S1 in fact is "Blocking", not "Down"!

  3. Hi and thanks for all your labs ,i am just trying to configure ospf over frame relay using packet tracer but i could not get any adjency i get it with point to point router but not over the frame relay ,everything is ok with config ,can you help?

  4. For quick answer: change OSPF network type to "broadcast" in Frame Relay interfaces by this command "ip ospf network broadcast".

    Sorry, OSPF is not as obvious as I mentioned at the end of this post. I will create another post to explain this more clearly soon!

    Hint: you can reuse the "*-sol.PKT" file in the mentioned post and replace routing protocol from RIP to OSPF to quickly verify this!


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