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Friday, November 29, 2013

Visualizing Wildcard Mask: Simple Calculation Tool in Excel

(Original subject: "Simple visual tool to calculate Cisco IOS Wildcard Mask")

I create this tool for you to easily calculate equivalent Wildcard Mask for any given IPv4 address and subnet mask.

You can make use of this tool when you have to configure Cisco IOS Access Control List, "network" command in routing protocols, and you can also do a quick double-check about whether the wildcard mask is matching the designated subnets or not.

In fact, this tool is revised from another tool I have posted before.

How to get this tool?

You can download the original Excel spreadsheet if you have Microsoft Excel software available.

Otherwise, you can get this tool inside free Google Docs services by clicking "Use this template", with your free Google account.

How to use it?

After opening this spreadsheet, you only have to input IPv4 address, and its subnet mask (by prefix length). Then, the equivalent Wildcard Mask will be generated for you instantly at the red cells.

In addition, if you want to observe closely about its binary notation and calculation, you can scroll the spreadsheet to the right to show this binary calculation portion.

Just like previous version, at "Step 2", it also shows the first two IPv4 addresses and the last two in the same IPv4 subnet. You will see more clearly how the address range would be.

I hope this tool helps! Have a nice weekend!
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