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Saturday, February 12, 2011

No more IPv4 unicast addresses in IANA's pool since Feburary 2011. Be cautious, but not panic!

It does NOT mean "the world ran out of ALL IPv4 addresses" now. It only means no more IPv4 unicast addresses are "as reserves". There are still some in five RIRs' pool today!

(However, it is quite close. When those in RIRs are also used up soon after, then we can really say "no more IPv4 addresses".)

This is just an important reminder for you to speed up your migration to IPv6! However, as I pointed out before, don't get panic about this!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No more HyperTerminal on Windows 7? Try Putty!

  Bits per sec    :  9600  
  Data bits       :     8 
  Parity          :  none 
  Stop bits       :     1 
  Flow control    :  none 
(This post is re-posted in English from my original post.)

We are all used to start HyperTerminal included in old Microsoft Windows XP to do initial console configurations of routers and switches. However, starting from Windows Vista (and also Windows 7), no HyperTerminal software anymore! Now how can we do console configuration in Windows Vista or Windows 7?

In fact, Putty, the software we use as daily Secure Shell (SSH) client, can also be used to do console configuration on routers and switches.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"CCIE is just the beginning" I totally agree!

Golden Needles Field (DSC_0547)
Golden Needles Field (DSC_0547),
originally uploaded by Li-Ji.
I like this quote of Himawan! This post is for those who are preparing to get or just got an CCIE certification!
Himawan Nugroho:

CCIE is NOT supposed to be the final target.
CCIE is just the beginning.
inevitable: What is CCIE?

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